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Train staff

It is important that staff (workers, managers and support staff) understand:

  • the ErgoAnalyst - Participative Ergonomics process
  • the real causes of injury
  • how to develop and assess potential controls

With this information they are able to participate in ErgoAnalyst risk assessment and control development workshops.

This injury risk management training is also what is required to comply with legislative requirements. 

ErgoAnalyst membership gets you access to the 10 minute injury risk management training video and the associated PowerPoint presentation that EA-Facilitators can deliver within your business.

Additionally, we can create a customised training package specifically for your business as we have done for many of our clients.


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Train EA-Facilitators

On-line and face-to-face options available!

The ErgoAnalyst system has been designed to be self sufficient within your business so that internal staff can implement and administer the process without the need for external ergonomic consultants (unless required for a complex issue).

The ErgoAnalyst Facilitators (EA-Facilitators) are the ones who will primarily drive the process. Therefore, it is essential that they understand not only how to use the software and perform risk assessments, but how to actively engage workers in the participative ergonomics process. Often companies will have their facilitators attend one of our intensive face-to-face training courses to ensure they get the most our of the system. However, we have developed three basic on-line courses so that anyone can use the system. These simplified courses include:

  1. How to effectively implement the ErgoAnalyst system
  2. Understanding the real biomechanical causes of musculoskeletal injury
  3. How to use the ErgoAnalyst software
These courses are between 20 and 30 minutes long and present fundamental knowledge that should be understood by EA-Facilitaors prior to implementing the system.
These on-line courses are available in the Members Training area of the ErgoAnalyst web site. Just use your normal ErgoAnalyst login details to access the area.
Note: Please contact us for more information about the various in-depth face-to-face ErgoAnalyst Participative Ergonomics training courses available.

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Train EA-Specialists

Companies who wish to ensure the long term sustainability of the ErgoAnalyst program may also wish to train ErgoAnalyst Specialists (EA-Specialists). Sourced from within the company, these specialists then have the ability to deliver the same in-depth face-to-face training courses (1 to 3 days) usually run by ErgoEnterprises.

This EA-Specialists training includes in-depth training, workbooks, and access to the full training program so that they can train other staff members to use the ErgoAnalyst system.

Ergonomic consultants also often attend this course so that they can deliver the training as part of their own business.

Note: All attendees who successfully complete this course are also awarded a certification certificate for their records.


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ErgoAnalyst Training Partners

ErgoEnterprises is happy to partner with the following businesses who are accredited to deliver the ErgoAnalyst courses above.



Viva! Health at Work  ...  “ Creating environments in which you thrive”

Viva helps businesses showcase enterprising leadership and achieve award-winning human-centred design solutions.

Helping organisations achieve lingering transformation that leaves a legacy of change for the better – where greatness begets excellence.  Health at Work: By Design

Services include:

  • Human factors design
  • Participatory Ergonomics - industrial and office
  • Green Star Interiors - ergonomics credit
  • Organisational systems review
  • Training - leadership, design, safety, health and wellness topics
  • Wellness – powered by VIVA!