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EA Facilitators

The videos below are provided for ErgoAnalyst members to help EA-Facilitators implement the ErgoAnalyst system.

These 3 EA-Facilitator training videos cover:

  1. How to implement ErgoAnalyst in your business
  2. The real causes of musculoskeletal injury
  3. How to use the ErgoAnalyst software

1. ErgoAnalyst Facilitator Training

1st EA-Facilitator Training Course

How to use the ErgoAnalyst Software

  • To enable EA-Facilitators to understanding and use the ErgoAnalyst software.

This course covers how to:

  • Logon and navigate the software
  • Load, sort and search the task list
  • Add, edit or delete tasks ... enter data and attach files
  • Perform risk assessments ... including sub-task analysis
  • Assess controls and perform productivity analyses
  • Generate task, job and workplace reports
  • Search the ErgoAnalyst database of solutions

Duration : 30 Minutes







2nd EA-Facilitator Training Course

Understanding Musculoskeletal Injury


  • To enable EA-Facilitators to understanding the real causes of musculoskeletal injury so that they can effectively identify, assess and control the factors that cause injury. 

This course covers:

  • The difference between Manual Handling & Manual Tasks
  • Acute and Cumulative Injury
  • The real cause of musculoskeletal injury
  • The principle of tissue adaptation
  • The 5 Factors that cause injury (i.e. Exertion, Exposure, Posture, Movement Patterns and Environmental Characteristics)
  • Hierarchy of Controls

Duration : 20 Minutes







3rd EA-Facilitator Training Course

Implementing the ErgoAnalyst System


  • To enable EA-Facilitators to effectively implement the ErgoAnalyst participative ergonomics system, which focuses on delivering controls that reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury and maintain or improve productivity.

This course covers:

  • The principles of Participative Ergonomics (PE)
  • The benefits of the ErgoAnalyst PE System
  • The essential elements of the 6-Step ErgoAnalyst System
  • The roles and responsibilities of workers, managers and EA-Facilitators

Duration : 30 Minutes




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