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1. ErgoAnalyst Software Training




ErgoAnalyst v2.0 Software 'CheatSheet'

This 'CheatSheet' is designed to be a quick guide on how to use the various areas of the new ErgoAnalyst v2.0 software. The first page gives an overview of the new functions of the v2.0 software, followed by step-by-step guides on each area (i.e. Login, Identify, Assess, Control, Reports and Solutions) of the software.

It is also recomended that you view the video on 'How to use the ErgoAnalyst Software' (in the EA-Facilitators Training Videos of the Members Area) and/or attend an ErgoAnalyst training course (contact to find out about these courses). 










2. ErgoAnalyst Data Collection Tools



ErgoAnalyst Hazard Identification Card

One way to identify potentially hazardous manual tasks it to use a Hazard Identification Card system that workers can fill out and put into a collection box for you to review.

These cards can be printed onto a tear-away booklet that is easily accessible at the worksite.




ErgoAnalyst Assessment Tool

If you are don't have internet access at a particular worksite you can use these ErgoAnalyst data collection and assessment worksheets so that you can put the information back into the ErgoAnalyst software at a later stage.









3. ErgoAnalyst Implementation Aids



ErgoAnalyst 6-Step Implementation Process

This 6-Step Implementation process is designed to give you a guide to implementing the ErgoAnalyst process in your business.

It also includes information on the main goal in each phase of the process (i.e. planning, training, identification, assessment and control) along with the business requirements and how ErgoEnterprises can support you through each phase if required.






ErgoAnalyst 6-Step Implementation Checklist

This checklist is designed to ensure that you address all the important factors in each phase of the implementation process. However, you can adjust this list to suit the logistical conditions of your particular business.






ErgoAnalyst-Facilitator 6-Step 'Cheatsheet'

To help the EA-Facilitator to train staff and then identify, assess and control the musculoskeletal injury risk associated with manual tasks, we have developed this 6-Step 'Cheatsheet'. This 'Cheatsheet' is designed to help guide you through each of the 6-Steps of the ErgoAnalyst process.

Just follow the process and you will get great results.









4. Workshop Facilitation Aids


ErgoAnalyst - PE Control Development Workshop PowerPoint Template

The ErgoAnalyst control development workshops are conducted with active participation from the workers who are familiar with the task. To help facilitate these workshops we have provided a PowerPoint slide template that can be used to; train the workshop participants, display all the important factors associated with the the task being assessed (including either a picture or a video of the task), and the ErgoAnalyst risk assessment with workshop focus questions so that the workers can focus on controls that reduce the important risk factors. 

Note: Presenters notes are also given for each slide.

An example of what the slides should look like when completed is also given in the pptx file.


PowerPoint Template







5. Additional Resources


ErgoAnalyst Users Manual

The ErgoAnalyst Users Manual is designed to be a comprehensive resource manual about all areas of the ErgoAnalyst system (i.e. not just about the software).

The ErgoAnalyst Users Manual has detailed information on:

  1. Participative Ergonomics
  2. Legal responsibilities of workers, mangers and manufacturers
  3. The causes of musculoskeletal injury
  4. How to assess the various injury risk factors correctly
  5. How to use the ErgoAnalyst software
  6. How to implement the ErgoAnalyst - Participative Ergonomics system
  • And much more






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